Forensic Musicologist - Alexander Stewart, Ph.D.
Alexander Stewart, Ph.D. is an experienced forensic musicologist, expert witness, and consultant in music copyright. He has worked on hundreds of cases, including some that have resulted in groundbreaking and landmark court decisions. He has provided song comparisons, musical analysis, searches for prior art, copyright clearances, and other services to clients all over the United States. As a university professor he teaches classes and leads symposiums on music copyright.

In addition to his work in music copyright and forensic musicology, Dr. Stewart is a scholar and seasoned performer. He has researched and published articles, books, and reference entries on popular music, jazz, and music of Latin America. His many years of experience as a performer with some of the most recognized names in jazz and popular music ground his work as an expert witness in the real world of professional musicians.

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Alexander Stewart, Ph.D.